Business in the Greater China Region


ORIX Corporation was one of the earliest overseas-funded enterprises to enter China. In 1971, it established the first overseas company, ORIX Asia Limited, in Hong Kong.


At the beginning of the Chinese economic reforms in 1979, Mr. Rong Yiren, former Vice President of the PRC, established the China International Trust and Investment Corporation and decided to introduce financial leasing. Eventually, he made a decision to cooperate with Oriental Leasing Co., Ltd. (the predecessor of ORIX Corporation), Japan's largest financial leasing corporation. In 1981, the first financial leasing company in China, China Oriental Leasing Co., Ltd., was established in Beijing.


Over the following 30 years, ORIX's business grew steadily in the Greater China Region.

In February 1991, ORIX Taiwan Corporation was established.

In August 2005, ORIX China Corporation was established in Shanghai.

In February 2006, the first railway financial leasing company, China Railway Leasing Co., Ltd., was established as a joint venture between ORIX and China Railway Materials Commercial Corp.

In March 2006, ORIX and CAS Holdings, an affiliate of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, established Oriental Jicheng Technology Co., Ltd., as a joint venture. Today, the company has already become a leading integrated service provider in China's electronic testing and measurement sector.


    Since 2009

Over the following 30 years, ORIX's business grew steadily in the Greater China Region.

At the end of 2009, ORIX drew up a plan for its business development in the Greater China Region. The corporation established its headquarters in Dalian, and intensified the development of their business in the Greater China Region.

In May 2012, ORIX and Pangda Group jointly established the Pang Da ORIX Auto Leasing Co., Ltd., which was the first Sino-Japanese joint venture to specialize in automobile leasing.

So far, ORIX Corporation has set up affiliated agencies in over 10 major cities, including: Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Hong Kong and Taiwan. ORIX's Greater China Region operations will inherit the corporation's successful model of "finance + industry" and "finance + services" to establish a comprehensive financial service corporation rooted in China that grows hand in hand with its Chinese partners and client enterprises to create brilliance together.

ORIX Corporation in the Greater China Region consists of 10 corporations including ORIX China Investment Corporation (OCIC, the headquarters of ORIX Corporation in the Greater China Region), ORIX Asia Limited (OAL), ORIX Asia Capital (OAC), ORIX Taiwan Corporation (OTC), ORIX Auto Leasing Taiwan Corporation (OALT), ORIX Taiwan Asset Management Company (OTAMC), ORIX China Corporation (OCC), PD-ORIX Automobile Leasing (PangDaORIX), Beijing Oriental Jicheng Co., Ltd. (BOJ), and China Railway Leasing Co., Ltd. (CRLC).