Beijing Oriental Jicheng Co., Ltd. (China Mainland)

   Company Profile

Beijing Oriental Jicheng Co., Ltd. (BOJ) was initiated and set up by related units under the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2000, and funded by ORIX Rentec, an affiliate of ORIX, in 2006. It is a specialized and leading high-tech enterprise in Zhongguancun Science Park.

The company's headquarters are located in Beijing, with branches in Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Xi'an, Chengdu and other areas, and the company has a professional team of over 200 people. Through close cooperation with its partners and a nationwide marketing service network, the company is devoted to supplying professional, convenient and quick local services.

Moreover, with the support of a professional team and powerful IT information system, the company provides a range of diversified products to meet the application requirements of even more industries, and also provides one-stop services. At present, the company has become a leading comprehensive service provider in the electronics testing and measurement fields in China.

  Service Targets

The company's services are aimed at high-tech enterprises in fields and industries such as industrial electronic manufacturing, communication and information technology, education and scientific research, the aerospace industry, microelectronics, new energy, the biopharmaceutical industry, energy saving and environmental protection.

  Service Scope

Cooperating with well-known manufactures, including Keysight (formerly named Agilent), Fluke, Tektronix, ORIX Rentec and BOJ, the company provides comprehensive services, such as value-added sales, application system integration, technology leasing, measurement calibration, repair and maintenance and the management of science and technology asset outsourcing.

Value-added Sales

On the basis of strategic cooperative relationships with product suppliers and its own product management and expansion capacity, and by way of a nationwide marketing service network, the company can achieve full coverage of the targeted consumer market and meet the application needs of consumers by taking product sales agents as its core, and with the support of a comprehensive service method.


Technology Leasing

As the first domestic technology leasing company, BOJ has a rich inventory of apparatus: 35,000 model types and 550,000 parts accounting for a global inventory which is worth six billion yuan. The company is regarded as the specific unit responsible for "public technical service platform of technology leasing" and the specific unit responsible for leasing channel of the public service platform researched and developed by Shanghai.
The company's strength, systematic procedures and services make BOJ the authorized leasing service provider for the well-known manufacturer Keysight. At the same time, BOJ has become the strategic cooperator for CSIP and provides it with long-term, professional and comprehensive one-stop services.

Technical Services

An open laboratory, measurement, calibration and maintenance services, asset outsourcing management and bonded warehouse storage services.

Application System Integration

The company primarily looks to rapidly-growing strategic emerging domestic industries, and provides comprehensive test application solutions, including professional consultation, planning design and program implementation.
At present, the company has extended its business into the photovoltaic solar industry, solar energy battery research, and core test application for the production and grid-connected power generation field, and some other application fields, including photoelectricity, semi-conductor research and the manufacturing field, automated tests for industrial electronic production lines, metrological verification of thermal equipment and high-precision automated tests.

Service Advantages

We can meet the short-term or long-term development requirements of high-tech enterprises. For high-tech enterprises located within the science park, we can quickly provide various electronic measuring instruments, especially for the short-term or medium/long-term use by medium- and small-sized high-tech enterprises.

We take advantage of our own strong background and professional elite team, take onboard advanced international experience and localized operations, and move forward with constant innovation.

We have established a good platform and innovative services to assist enterprise development. We work with high-tech science parks around the country to set up "public technical service platforms for technology leasing", thus providing a good support platform for the construction of an innovative and soft environment in the parks and enterprises' independent innovation.

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