China Railway Leasing Co., Ltd. (China Mainland)

   Company Profile

We provide clients with products and services related to finance and operating leases of rolling stock, large track maintenance machinery and large handling equipment. In early 2006, ORIX invested in and reorganized China Railway Leasing Co., Ltd. (CRLC) alongside the China Railway Materials Commercial Corporation (CRMCC), a subordinate of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC). CRLC is the first professional finance leasing company in China which supports China's railway construction through reasonable financial means.

CRLC offers professional services for railway system devices, especially for the financial leasing business of mobile facilities, such as rolling stock. Reliant upon CRMCC's professional background and marketing network, which provides long-term service to the railway business, and alongside its high-quality and professional team, the company is devoted to providing various forms of leasing services in many aspects, including China's railway operation, railway construction and production, as well as urban railway transit.

   Service Targets

Railway operating enterprises, joint ventures and local railway companies; large industrial and mining enterprises.

   Service Scope

Providing clients with products and services related to the finance and operating leasing business of rolling stock, large track maintenance machinery and large handling equipment.


   Service Content

Leases: universal integrated financial services

This refers to leasers transferring the rights to the use of assets to the lessee for rent within an agreed period of time. It is a universal integrated financial tool which integrates financing, financial revenue management and asset management.

Finance leases: providing a convenient financial channel

This means that equipment and suppliers should be decided by the lessee; at the same time, the leaser should buy the equipment chosen by the lessee for the lessee's use. During the lease term, the ownership of equipment belongs to the lessee. When the lease term expires, the lessee should transfer the ownership after the rent and related payment has been paid.

Leaseback: revitalizing assets efficiently

This means that the lessee rents equipment back for cash after having sold it to the leaser. This is a good way to revitalize the lessee's high-quality fixed stock assets and improve asset liquidity. It can both raise sources of capital and improve asset and financial structure.

Operating leases: realizing off-balance sheet investment in fixed assets

This leasing model is the opposite of finance leasing. Operating leasing can count as rent in the lessee's current expenses. Therefore, off-balance sheet investment in fixed assets can realize balancing the scale of fixed assets investment. Moreover, this can accelerate depreciation to achieve tax deferral.

International leases: helping you realize the internationalization of your enterprise

This means that both business parties, namely the leaser and lessee, are in different countries or areas. International leasing can promote the competitiveness of a domestic manufacture's product when moving into the international market. It is beneficial in promoting internationalization of domestic businesses.

Other leasing products and services

We can provide various leasing products and services in accordance with client's requirements, including subleases, trust leases, joint leases, project leases and percentage leases.


Service Advantages

    The company provides the lessee with medium- and long-term funds; achieves financing via leasing assets; and opens convenient financing channels.
    Reduce initial capital pressures by providing clients with the long-term right to use equipment without requiring a large one-off payment.
    Help revitalize assets efficiently and improve asset liquidity.
    Realize off-balance sheet financing and adjust and optimize financial structure.
    Save tax and increase cash flow during the operation period by accelerating depreciation and delaying tax payment.
    What we provide is not just simple leasing products and services, but various financial solutions.


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