The Corporation's Business Sectors

ORIX Corporation, seeing leasing as its origins and relying on its special concept of "finance + service", has expanded its business scope to dozens of domains relating to finance and industry. Overseas business, as the corporation's most profitable sector, is a target for further investment.

    Business sector
  Main business content
  Assets %

Corporate finance

Financing, leasing, new financial products sales, etc. 12%

Operating leasing

Leasing business including automobile leasing, short rental,
vehicle sharing, precise instrument leasing, IT instrument leasing, etc.

Real estate

Real estate development & leasing, hotels, golf courses and operation of apartments
for the elderly, REIT assets operation & management, real estate finance.

Investment banking

PE investment, risk investment, fund management, mergers advisory, debt
handling, investment in business relating to the environment.

Retail finance

Banking, life insurance, credit cards 40%

Overseas business

Leasing, financing, equity investment, investment banking, business relating
to real estate, financial services relating to vessels and aircraft.

(Data source: Performance Table for March 2015)