Business Scope

ORIX Corporation, as a pioneer in Japan's leasing industry, has been committed to developing and promoting the leasing business in Japan and overseas since it was founded in 1964. With the changes in the economic environment, customers' demands become more complex and dense. Therefore, ORIX is always dedicated to expanding new business scopes to meet customers' various demands. At present, as the largest integrated financial service group in Japan, the corporation has developed its business in dozens of domains relating to finance and industry, and runs multiple operations including banking, securities, insurance, leasing, investment banking, real estate, golf courses, hotels, new environmentally-friendly energy, and financial businesses related to aircrafts and vessel, etc.

In the future, each subsidiary of the corporation will promote further proficiency in its respective industry and achieve the generation of synergistic effects via mutual cooperation as much as it can. The corporation will continue to create values by developing an advanced international financial service business and become an enterprise group that contributes to society.

ORIX, through a combination of finance and services in the last 50 years, has continually expanded its business scope to adjacent industrial domains so that it now owns operations in dozens of sectors and boasts a broad business area.

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