Corporate Philosophy

  Corporate Philosophy

ORIX will pay close attention to market demands at all times, continue to create new value and a new environment by developing an advanced international financial service business, and repay society.

  Business Policy

1.  In order to meet customers' diversified demands, ORIX will persist in providing specialized services with a high quality and establish solid trustworthy relationships with its customers.
2. Based on joint operations, ORIX will integrate all its operating resources to realize the intensification of its business foundation and sustainable and steady growth.
3. ORIX will promote the overall quality of the enterprise via talent cultivation and self-improvement of employees at all levels, and will center on the formation of an enterprise culture that brings employees a sense of achievement and honor.
4. ORIX will concentrate on realizing the steady value growth of mid- and long-term shareholders via the implementation of its business policy.

  Action Guideline

To continually promote a creative commercial activity driven by high foresight and flexibility.
Integrate intelligence and information, and enhance the corporation's cohesion via harmonious interpersonal communication.

  Developmental Vision

to become an enterprise group that contributes to society

Unique Solution. ORIX Corporation occupies the leading position in this changing era, and will find and provide customers with unique solutions. Thus, ORIX needs to be able to predict the latest market demands and create new value by developing an advanced, innovative international financial service business and become an enterprise group that contributes to society.

  The Origins of ORIX

The first letter of "ORIX" expresses the originality in "Original" and "X (∞:infinity)", which stands for flexibility and diversity. "ORIX" expresses the corporation's positive attitude "to persevere in exploration and innovation with a forward-looking vision" and its corporate philosophy of "the organic integration of enterprises within the corporation".

  Meanings of the Logo

The slanted lines in the logo stand for the corporation and stand for the great ambition that each person in the corporation will unite to strive for the same goals and work hand in hand for a brighter future. The image of a sphere within those lines stands for the "earth" and represents the determination to create an internationalized conglomerate.