Individual-oriented Financial Services

ORIX's business in China consists of its operational business and investment business, providing a menu of ample financial services for clients.

Fixed Deposits (Hong Kong)

We provide clients with favorable deposit interest rates, with a minimum of one month for fixed time deposits for deposits of more than HKD 500,000 (or of equal value).
ORIX holds a “restricted license bank” license in Hong Kong which was authorized by the Hong Kong financial supervision authority.

Financing for all types of vehicles including private vehicles, coaches and commercial vehicles for leasing or installment plans;
New or used vehicles are all welcome;
Financing up to the full purchase cost;
Repayment period of as long as five years (for private & commercial vehicles) or seven years (for coaches)

Vessel Loans (Hong Kong)

We lead the vessel loaning industry. Whether you are purchasing a new or used houseboat or yacht or making plans for a vessel you already own, we can offer favorable lending rates, extended loan terms and fast-response professional services.
Our professional staff has a profound understanding of the vessel market and rich financial experience. We understand the diverse and personal needs of vessel owners and can provide personal and superior services. Applying for ORIX's loan service is very simple and easy. We can help you realize your dreams. Apply for our loan services right away and make those dreams come true.

Professional Financing

ORIX Asia Limited takes the lead in providing unique financial solutions for professionals. Traditional financing only covered loans for purchases of automobiles, equipment, property, tax loans, renovation works, vessels, etc., which no longer meets clients' daily changing requirements. We can offer innovative and diverse professional financing services not limited to traditional basic services, but also including debentures, professional liability insurance and unsecured loans, which proactively lean close to customers' requirements and promptly respond to market demands allowing the customer to receive the most efficient and satisfactory services and make them feel at ease.'

Home Mortgage Loans (Hong Kong)

Have you ever tried looking for a more flexible mortgage loan package that fits your personal needs?
You might get the feeling that other banks are all offering you the same mortgage plans that leave you with no choice.
It is time to try out our unique mortgage package!

We provide customized individual mortgage packages to help you realize your home-owning dream and enjoy your life at ease! Our professional team offers flexible terms and conditions for various types of properties. Contact us and experience for yourselves how we are different!

Property types:

 Large-scale housing estates / single residences 
Chinese residences / old buildings 
Village houses 
Parking plots 
Industrial and office buildings 
Street shops

Real Estate Financing (Japan)

ORIX can provide mortgage loans to customers in Hong Kong who are planning to buy properties in Japan. By simply contacting our professional and multi-lingual team, clients can receive sincere support for their property investments and businesses in Japan via our one-stop service in Hong Kong, leaving them free from worries about language barriers and complicated procedures in Japan.

We can offer professional and unique services to support and diversify your personal investment:

- Convenient and efficient one-stop loaning and repayment service in Hong Kong freeing you from dealing with matters yourself. 
- Interest rates can be freely selected from both a fixed and floating rate basis. 
- Flexible loan terms of repayment to suit your financial plan.

Eligible property: (Self-owned or rented) residential houses and commercial buildings located in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Osaka area.

Insurance Agency Services (Hong Kong)

ORIX Asia Insurance Services Limited was incorporated in June 1998 with the aim of providing its customers with various insurance services, including comprehensive office insurance, comprehensive shop insurance, employee compensation, vessel insurance, fire insurance, automobile insurance, etc. By virtue of our powerful corporation background, large affiliated agencies and immaculate service network, the corporation has become a famous insurance agency within the industry.

We provide professional value-added insurance services::

Automobile insurance 
Equipment and property insurance 
Travel insurance 
Household insurance

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