Automobile Leasing

   Company Profile

In the field of automobile leasing, ORIX has nearly 50 years of experience in international large-scale operation management. Managing over 1.3 million vehicles of various brands in 19 countries around the world makes it one of the world's biggest automobile leasing companies and No.1 in Asia in terms of business scale.

Mainland China


In May 2012, ORIX and Pangda Group established the joint venture Pang Da ORIX Auto Leasing Co., Ltd., on the Chinese Mainland. PD-ORIX provides long-term automobile leasing and comprehensive services, and its business scope includes automobile finance leasing, automobile operating leasing, automobile leaseback and so on. PD-ORIX aims to become the No.1 automobile leasing company in China.

   Service Advantages

The company already has a wide marketing network throughout the country and more than 20 affiliated subsidiaries and branches in major capital cities. We aim to absorb ORIX's business specialties as well as its experience in operations and management in the field of automobile leasing, so as to provide an innovative service with high added value for customers in China's automobile leasing market and infuse new vitality into the automobile leasing market of China's enterprises.

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Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, we have an understanding of clients' financial demands when purchasing various vehicles and provide flexible automobile leasing services. Because of the over-valued and diverse preferential terms and simple and effective application procedures we provide, our service plans have won wide recognition from the market and repeated praise from clients.

   Service Advantages

We have hospitable and friendly marketing teams and meticulous service staff with rich experience. According to clients' requirements, our service plans are as follows:

Financing for all types of vehicles including private vehicles, coaches and commercial vehicles for leasing or hire purchase;
New or used vehicles are all welcome;
Financing up to the full purchase cost;
Repayment period of as long as five years (for private & commercial vehicles) or seven years (for coaches)

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In April 1998, ORIX Corporation established ORIX Auto Leasing Taiwan Corporation, becoming the first foreign corporation to obtain an A-type business license for passenger vehicle leasing in Taiwan. The company provides different types of enterprises with services such as long-term leasing for enterprises, long-term leasing for individuals, short-term vehicle leasing and driving services according to market requirements for long- and short-term vehicle leasing and commercial vehicle leasing.

By adhering to the Japanese concepts of “refined services” and “customer-first”, ORIX Auto Leasing Corporation consistently pioneers within the industry to launch innovative services which satisfy the demands of different customers. Moreover, it has launched a customized service of leaseback special programs for corporate customers, which enables the corporation to solve vehicle management problems once and for all and instantly enjoy the benefits of auto leasing.

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   Service Advantages

ORIX's professional customized leasing schemes can satisfy the varying demands of customers, who are free to choose from a range of intimate and diversified products without worrying about tedious vehicle management issues.

The largest foreign auto leasing company in Taiwan. Bigger brands are more reliable.
Comprehensive services for planning leasing schemes and agency services for tedious vehicle management issues.
365-day round-the-clock customer service system can provide 24/7 personal service.
Equipped with well-known tire brands guaranteeing quality and safety.

Regular control of the vehicle's current condition via monthly statement management.
Proactive notification of regular maintenance