Corporate Financial Services

Corporate Financial Services

   SME Working Capital Loans

We understand that working capital is crucial to a company. We provide short- to medium-term loans to finance working capital requirements to facilitate the specific needs of different corporate clients and appropriate application of capital. Our service plans include the following:

SME financing guarantee scheme; 
Government credit guarantee scheme.

   Industrial and Commercial Mortgages

We provide clients with personal solutions. Regardless of whether it is industrial or commercial property, our professional team can help you meet property acquiring needs and deal with your requirements for business expansion or working capital.

ORIX Asia Limited

   Accounts Receivables Financing

We can offer convenient account receivables financing to meet corporate clients’ demands for floating capital. In this highly competitive business world, account receivables financing is one of the most important tools for expanding companies to increase their business volume. We provide recourse and non-recourse, notified and non-notified account receivables loans to companies in their ascending developmental period.

ORIX Asia Limited
ORIX Taiwan Corporation

   Asset Management

In 2002, ORIX Corporation established the Asset Management Department which was primarily engaged in non-performing loan purchases, recycling and handling in Taiwan. After three years of cultivation and growth, in July 2005, the Asset Management Department became officially independent and was renamed ORIX Taiwan Asset Management Company. The role of this new company is to focus on the purchase and recycling of non-performing loans. With the abundant experience inherited from ORIX Corporation headquartered in Japan, the company has assisted Taiwanese financing institutions in handling non-performing loans and has now become a leading foreign asset management company.


ORIX Taiwan Asset Management Company