Corporate Financial Services

  Finance (leases, payment by installments, entrusting payment, financing)

From movable property like IT associated machines, shop furnishings, mechanical equipment, etc., to software, project funds, and so on, ORIX supports corporate clients to make equipment investments. Furthermore, ORIX provides financing services like funds to purchase real estate for leasing and M&A funds.

  Short-term leases, sales and all kinds of solution services

From electronic measuring instruments to scientific and environmental analytical instruments, IT associated instruments and medical instruments, ORIX owns more than 1.4 million instrument products for short-term lease, which come in as many as 34,000 different types. ORIX sets lease terms flexibly in accordance with users' actual user requirements. In addition, by adequately utilizing its experience of instrument sales and short–term leases accumulated from its longstanding operation, ORIX provides engineering services like rectification, measurement, consignment tests, etc., to support the optimization of enterprise assets across the board.
ORIX has two technical centers which utilize ISO9001 quality control systems to maintain a high quality of services in Tokyo and Kobe.
Moreover, ORIX also boasts the biggest automated warehouse in Japan in which it conducts centralized management over an enormous quantity of instruments.


Automated warehouse

Technical center in Tokyo

Technical center in Kobe

  Consultancy services for life insurance, property insurance and enterprise pensions

Providing operators optimized solutions in risk management such as service assurance, pension reservation of directors and countermeasures for cause inheritance as well as the construction and operation of enterprise's pension system and other issues that enterprises will face if special circumstances occur to operators.

  Related solutions for corporate transactions

Providing all kinds of settlement associated services to enterprises that clients have business transactions with, including the collection of sales payments and the factoring of receivables that could reduce bills for clearing as well as facing commercial shops.

  Related solutions for business investments

Based on various requirements, such as the planning and implementation of business strategy and operating strategy, the raising and utilization of funds and risk aversion, ORIX provides the optimized funding support required for the medium- and long-term development of clients; gives full play to the corporation's expertise and bring Hands-On, its industrial infrastructure advantages, into management, to support business development and the promotion of enterprise value for clients.