ORIX Asia Capital (Hong Kong)

   Company Profile

ORIX Asia Capital is a wholly owned subsidiary of ORIX Corporation that focuses on equity investment. We focus on free capital investment and financing services in the Greater China Region and have quickly become an investment company that mainly engages in private equity and venture investment, while comprehensively developing private equity fund investment and operation, state-owned enterprise reform, structured financing and other aspects with the help of our parent firm's reputation, experience, resources and network in the industry.

We have accumulated precious strategic resources and strategic partners. We bring strategic resources by making use of investment from our parent firm's owned funds investment, help the enterprise to integrate with the industry chain and offer various financial advising services.

  Service Targets

Highly-developed enterprises benefiting from our capital and experience.

  Service Scope

Our investment and financing services are primarily divided into: private equity investment, venture investment, fund investment, fund operation, state-owned enterprise reform, mergers and acquisitions and staged financing.

Service Advantages

Abundant Strategic Resources

We boast various abundant strategic resources for the following reasons: long-term and good cooperative relations with strategic partners; support of local governments; our several years of financing experience in the Greater China Region, including introducing our parent firm's operations and resources in IT finances, real estate, energy and environmental protection, leasing business, etc.; ORIX Asia Capital's experience in financial investment and consultation and, resources from our strategic partners. Our parent firm, ORIX Corporation, is a leading global investor and operator in financial leasing, real estate, retail finance, energy and environmental protection and other areas. We provide diverse strategic resources by absorbing the experience, resources and network from all our parent firm's industries and with the support of owned funds. Since ORIX Corporation was established in Hong Kong in 2005, we have established partnerships with leaders in various industries, including but not limited to the Asian Development Bank, China Construction Bank, Uni-President Group, China Water Affairs Group, China Merchants Bank, the Robeco Group and so on.

Powerful Owned Fund Strength

By virtue of our parent firm's owned cash investment and strong network superiorities, we introduce financial and non-financial strategic resources for our investment objectives, offer flexible financing methods for target companies, design an investment framework in favor of said companies and help them develop rapidly with follow-up input on manpower, material resources and funds.

Senior Professional Investment and Financing Experience

The investment and financing experience and resources that we have accumulated in the Greater China Region over many years and the flexibility of our strategy allow us to believe that we can promote the rapid growth of enterprises and offer various financial support via these resources.

Contact Us

Tel: +852 28676000

E-mail: xinyi.li@orixasiacapital.com
Official website: www.orixasiacapital.com.hk