Automobile-associated Services

 Automobile leasing and management services

With the achievement of managing more than 1.1 million cars, ORIX is No.1 in Japan's domestic automobile leasing industry. The corporation provides various optimized composite services for automobile leasing to satisfy the professionalized and upgraded individual requirements of its clients.


As the second largest large-scale short-term automobile leasing enterprise, ORIX owns more than 58,000 cars for short-term lease and more than 953 nationwide self-service points. From small cars to high-class imported cars, trucks and other models, ORIX boasts various models produced by various manufacturers. Moreover, ORIX has also started to carry out environmentally-friendly car services such as hybrid electric vehicles and electric vehicles.

  Car Share

ORIX CarShare is an automobile leasing service whereby numerous vehicles are shared by multiple users. The service is available 24 hours, 365 days a year with a minimum usage time of 30 minutes with users charged per 15 minutes. Compared with enterprises owning their own vehicles, this service can effectively reduce clients' costs in purchasing cars, parking fees, maintenance expenses, insurance expenses, fuel charges and other expenses, reducing the volume of vehicle management.


ORIX provides a “One Price Used Car Leasing” service that allows clients to easily and confidently set prices according to the vehicles and their models. On top of this, ORIX provides various kinds of leasing and short-term leases as well as clients' old vehicles to enterprises and individuals at its four self-service auction sites and nine shops selling ORIX U-Car. Of these vehicles, ORIX sells cars that meet ORIX's exclusive quality standards as ORIX Identified Second-hand Cars.'

Auction venue

Auction venue

ORIX U-Car of ORIX Automobile Leasing Co., Ltd.

  Automobile leasing for individuals

After purchasing new cars based on its clients' requirements, ORIX leases the vehicles to clients and customizes lease terms according to their financial situations.