Financial Services for Individuals

  Deposits, financial management and trust, loans for investment in property

ORIX Bank has adopted a non-store business model since it was founded in 1993. Due to the continuous innovation of products and services, and with mature and rich industry experience, return on assets and bad claims, ORIX Bank has become the leading network bank in Japan with business indicators far ahead of its competitors. ORIX Bank's developmental goal is to not just become a bank providing comprehensive services, but to make full use of its advantages in certain fields to satisfy clients with a flexible coping capacity and good quality commodities. Deposit and financial management and trust are mainly conducted via the Internet and telephone, while services providing loans for investment in property are conducted face to face.

  Life Insurance

ORIX Life, founded in 1991, is devoted to servicing clients with insurance products that are easy to understand and at affordable premiums. ORIX Life has attained abundant product and marketing experience in Internet insurance since it promoted non-store operation by selling insurance products via Internet and telephone consulting centers in 1997. ORIX purchased American Hartford Financial Services' Japanese business for $960 million USD in July 2014.

  Life insurance
  Medical insurance
  Cancer insurance
  Income security insurance
  Personal loans

ORIX Credit and Loan provides various distinctive products, including the "ORIX VIP Credit Card", that has reasonable interest rates and broader credit lines, the "Card-free VIP", that is limited to online transactions, and the "ORIX Club Card" for self-employed businessmen

In addition, ORIX Bank also provides ORIX Bank Card Loanwhich is set up with all kinds of interest rates and credit lines.