Financial Services Abroad

  Financial Consultation

Local legal experts proficient in the different commercial customs, laws and regulations of different countries can provide various financial services to Japanese-funded enterprises and local enterprises, covering fields that mainly include machinery and equipment leasing, automobile leasing, installment plans, financing and short-term leasing; and also providing financial support concerning products sales abroad for its customers.

In addition, ORIX strongly supports customers in expanding their business abroad by providing advisory services like market research, business development strategy making, etc., or participating in capital investment.

  Business Development,Investment,Capital Utilization
ORIX operates hotels and tatami hotels, training facilities, golf courses and driving ranges, nursing homes with charges or renting houses for the elderly, aquariums and other facilities.


Commencement Ceremony of Real Estate Development Project in the Philippines

ORIX utilizes its network advantages to develop its business and make investment in emerging countries in Asia.
ORIX is engaged in corporate financing, investment in securities, M&A consultation, debt recovery and investment operation in Europe and America. Every field of which is highly professional.

    Investment Businesses Relevant to Aircrafts and Vessels

ORIX provides operating lease services of aircrafts to airlines around the world. Making use of our achievements and technical experience over 20 years, ORIX provides customers who are interested in aircraft investments with aircraft leasing investment-related services from contract procedures to management and sales activities during the lease.
Meanwhile, ORIX owns bulk carriers which can deliver grain, coal, and ore, and invests in the lease by leasing vessels to shipping companies at home and abroad.

195-type Aircraft Leased to Azul Brazilian Airlines

Carrier Eos Victory Operated by ORIX Corporation