ORIX Taiwan Corporation (Taiwan)

   Corporation Profile

In 1991, ORIX Corporation's Japanese headquarters invested in and established the corporation's predecessor and renamed it ORIX Taiwan Corporation.

   Service Targets

Various enterprises engaging in machinery equipment leasing, looking for short-term leases, experiencing capital shortages and businesses operating overseas.

Service Solutions

Primary services cover finance leases, operating leases, financial services and investment, factoring businesses, supplier scheduling, etc.


Provide general leasing services for various machinery and equipment, such as construction equipment, production equipment, detecting instruments, semiconductor devices, medical facilities, OA office equipment, photocopiers, computers, etc.
Agency services for subleasing after import
Financing leaseback

  Installment Plans: installment transactions.

Agency service for installment plan after import
Agency service for general installment plan for machinery equipment
Installment plan for tourist coaches or trucks



With invoice / Without invoice / Mainland China, Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong

  Offshore Banking:

Financial services in Mainland China, Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong
International financial services 

  Investment Banking

Equity investment, project financing, business/commerce matching

Service Advantages


    Precise, safe and reliable operation in the Japanese commercial system
    Diversified businesses, continuous innovation and transformation in the timely provision of quality products
    Friendly services and professional experience to provide a complete financial integration scheme
    Reduce unnecessary expenses to make corporate financial plans more flexible
    Time-saving and convenient monthly-statement payment for enterprises
    HR and administration costs saving
    Safe and reliable insurance included  

Contact Us

Tel: +886-2-27554588

E-mail: otc@mail.orix.com.tw
Official website: http://www.orix.com.tw/