ORIX Auto Leasing Taiwan Corporation (Taiwan)

   Corporation Profile

In April 1998, the Japanese ORIX Corporation set up ORIX Auto Leasing Taiwan Corporation in Taiwan in consideration of Taiwan's booming development in the auto leasing market, becoming the first foreign corporation to obtain an A-type business license for passenger vehicle leasing in Taiwan. After over 10 years of development, the corporation now owns over 5,000 cars. Its customers come from famous companies in all industries and boasts abundant experience in managing a car fleet of more than 100 cars. ORIX auto leasing service team and the corporation's solid strength are worthy of your trust and should be a primary choice.

By adhering to the Japanese concepts of “refined services” and “customer-first”, ORIX Auto Leasing Corporation consistently pioneers within the industry to launch innovative services which satisfy the demands of different customers. Moreover, it has launched a customized service of leaseback special programs for corporate customers, which enables the corporation to solve vehicle management problems once and for all and instantly enjoy the benefits of auto leasing.

An easy to use automobile service leads to a leisurely life. Solve your problems in an instant; choose ORIX Auto Leasing.

   Service Targets

Various enterprises requiring short/long-term auto leasing and commercial rental.

Service Solutions

Providing customers with customized contract terms and single-window comprehensive services; designing a complete, comprehensive and professional auto leasing scheme, including vehicle scheduling, taxes, ticketing, auto insurance, emergency management and other comprehensive services related to auto management and complex project out-sourcing, helping to reduce enterprise costs and increase profits

Primary services cover the following: corporate/individual long-term leasing, short-term auto leasing, driving services, etc.

Service Advantages

    ORIX's professional customized leasing schemes can satisfy the varying demands of customers, who are free to choose from a range of intimate and     diversified products without worrying about tedious vehicle management issues.
    The largest foreign auto leasing corporation in Taiwan. Bigger brands are more reliable.
    Comprehensive services for planning leasing schemes and agency services for tedious vehicle management issues.
    365-day round-the-clock customer service system can provide 24/7 personal service.
    Equipped with well-known tire brands guaranteeing quality and safety./span>
    Regular control of the vehicle's current condition via monthly statement management.
    Proactive notification of regular maintenance.
    Flexible use of funds to easily manage vehicles.  



Contact Us

Tel: +886-2-27552055

E-mail: oalt@mail.orix.com.tw
Official website: http://www.orixauto.com.tw/