ORIX Taiwan Asset Management Company (Taiwan)

   Company Profile

In 2002, ORIX Taiwan established the Asset Management Department which was primarily engaged in non-performing loan purchases, recycling and handling. After three years of cultivation and growth, in July 2005, the Asset Management Department became officially independent and was renamed ORIX Taiwan Asset Management Company. The role of this new company is to focus on the purchase and recycling of non-performing loans and expand other new businesses, such as in the fields of investment banking services and real estate investment. With the abundant experience inherited from ORIX Corporation headquartered in Japan, the company has assisted Taiwanese financial institutions in handling non-performing loans and has now become a leading foreign asset management company.

   Service Targets

Investment banks and real estate enterprises engaging in diversified financial demands, including creditor's rights, asset management, etc. 

   Service Content

Primary services include the following: NPL related business, real estate business and investment banking.

Real estate business

Real estate business including real estate investment, sale and leaseback and built to suit services.


Service Advantages

  Senior Professional Elite Team

Applying the company's professional talents and experience in the fields of finance, law, real estate, etc.

  Diversified Service Scope

The company provides diversified services including the best and most professional services in consulting, diagnosis, analysis and consultation for financial management (excluding accounting and portfolio management consulting services), and the development and assessment of investment management consulting services, real estate investment, and so on.


Contact Us

Tel: +886-2-27551600

E-mail: amc@mail.orix.com.tw
Official website: http://www.orix.com.tw/