ORIX China Investment Corporation (China Mainland)

   Corporation Profile

ORIX Corporation was one of the earliest overseas-funded enterprises to enter China. In 2009, the Corporation established ORIX China Investment Corporation, with its Chinese headquarters based in Dalian. This primarily focuses on finance leases, structured financing, investment consultation, equity investment and other comprehensive financial services, and includes a financial leasing corporation for professional industrial equipment and machinery, and an automobile rental corporation focusing on the automobile industry.

   Service Targets

Foreign-funded enterprises, state-owned enterprises and large-scale outstanding private enterprises requiring financial assistance, equity investment, investment consultation and other financial demands.

Service Content

The corporation takes full advantage of technology, its products and experience from dozens of different industries that the group operates in within financial and industrial areas to provide customized comprehensive financial solution packages for both government and corporate clients, such as professional rental services and investment consultation.

Main business: finance leasing, investment consultation and structured financing.

   Finance Leasing

Assisting the transformation and upgrading of the urban advanced manufacturing industry. Providing finance lease business for competitive industries and high-quality enterprises such as state-owned equipment, manufacturing, emerging technologies, energy conservation and environmental protection, information technology and living consumption. Combining with urban infrastructure construction and public services and flexibly applying the finance leasing model to solve financial issues for infrastructure construction equipment.


   Structured Financing

  Service Scope

Based on finance leasing, the corporation established partnerships with various financial institutions including banks, securities, finance leasing and foreign-funded leasing corporations with various currencies including the Chinese yuan (RMB) and foreign currencies, and graft various financial tools, break through the invisible barriers between fund owners and those looking for funds, optimize financing efficiency and reduce financing costs so as to realize the goal of improving benefits for the fund owner and serving the real economy.

  Service Advantages

Impeccable and efficient domestic and overseas fund channels
Extensive and high-quality channels for product packages and consignment sales
A professional and rigorous product team

   Investment Consultation

Integrating functions such as market consultation, advertisement, trade and finance, ORIX China Corporation is familiar with Japanese enterprises' management model and possesses a professional consultation team with years of practice and successful experience in the Chinese market which can provide one-stop comprehensive solutions for its customers.

  Service Targets

Primary service targets are those Japanese enterprises which have entered or will enter the Chinese consumer market (basic necessities of life, beauty products, daily consumer products, entertainment, etc.), healthcare and environmental protection industries.

  Service Content

Market Channel Expansion

With considerable experience in market channel expansion, ORIX's expert team can provide a one-stop service from strategic and channel structure design to the completion of channel expansion.
Channel establishment/Channel expansion/Channel management

E-commerce Operations

       With years of operation experience and a deep understanding of and research in brand e-commerce planning and e-commerce market trends, ORIX's expert team is engaged in providing the most valuable service model for numerous consumer goods corporations to complete their impeccable e-commerce transformation.
Manufacturing and maintenance of official website, flagship store, WeChat account/Online marketing planning/E-commerce agency operation


       Based on traditional marketing methods and combined with modern marketing strategies for passage expansion, ORIX's expert team can establish a customer-performance-centered market expansion system to facilitate real development in the Chinese market.
Advertising planning/manufacturing/communication/Marketing activity planning/implementation/ Comprehensive marketing consultation

Other Services

       ORIX takes full advantage of the substantial social networks and experience it has accumulated over its more than 10 years of development in China to provide effective comprehensive consultation services in helping customers develop in China.
Business negotiation support/Market survey/site inspection/Introduction of Chinese influential business partners

  Business Advantages

ORIX can effectively graft Japanese resources and Chinese dynamics and discover favorable investment opportunities with customers by being familiar with the characteristics of different stages and industrial opportunities in China and Japan.
The members of the corporation's expert team are very familiar with the management model of Japanese enterprises and possess years of market practice experience and successful experience in China, so it can provide practical consultation services for customers.
The members of the corporation's expert team can support all modules of business development in the Chinese market and, integrating market consultation, advertising, trade, finance and other functions, provides one-stop services for its customers.


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