ORIX China Corporation (China Mainland)

   Company Profile

Established in Shanghai in August 2005, ORIX China Corporation (OCC for short) is a joint-stock corporation set up by of ORIX China Investment Corporation and the Shanghai International Corporation*, and primarily covers the two business areas of finance leasing and technical leasing. For customers with requirements for diversified finance leasing and automation equipment, we can provide comprehensive supporting services ranging from technological consultation to importing finance leases.
(*Shanghai International Corporation is a window enterprise that was totally invested in and established by the Shanghai Municipal Government via Shanghai Industrial Investment (Holdings) Co., Ltd., in Tokyo, Japan on August 1, 1993. Moreover, in 2002, the top four state-owned corporations in Shanghai further increased capital and shares building a comprehensive corporation.)
In the face of customers' versatile demands, we will integrate our management resources to continuously provide advanced, extremely creative and high-quality service.

Finance Leasing Business

  Service Targets

All large and medium enterprises requiring various industrial equipment and office equipment, logistics vehicle leasing and commercial vehicles.

  Service Content

Finance leasing business developed throughout the nation:

Industrial equipment field: metal and nonmetal processing equipment based on machine tools.
Printing field: high-quality brand printers and auxiliary equipment.
Construction machinery field: pavement construction machinery, such as pavers; hoisting machinery, such as crawler cranes.
Electronics testing and packing, etc.
Energy conservation and environmental protection field: new energy, energy-efficient equipment, waste disposal equipment, etc.
Office equipment field: computers, photocopiers, fax machines, etc.
Medical and educational equipment, etc.

  Service Advantages

Years of experience and resources in the finance leasing industry allowing for the provision of a one-stop, diverse and comprehensive finance leasing business.
Numerous special advantages in the finance leasing industry allowing for the provision of unique, efficient and professional services.
Strong and stable capital strength based on a powerful parent corporation ready to assist customers with enterprise development.
Extensive global business network in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.

Technological Leasing Business

  Service Target:

Enterprises which are in urgent need of a large amount of production equipment, office equipment, automation equipment and SMT; enterprises looking for leasing and those with a shortage of funds.

  Service Content

Industrial Equipment: SMT, various machine tools, etc.
IT Equipment: computers, IA servers, UNIX servers and various NW machines, etc.
Multi-function Equipment: photocopiers, fax machines, etc.

  Service Scope

SMT Short-term Lease (short/medium term)

Avoid asset retention risk
Provide low-price leases by setting up residual value
This is applicable to the temporary short-term production peak and the project lease/relevant one-off demand (medium- and short-term projects). The leasing period can be set freely so that customers can expand or terminate the contract.

Operating Leases (long-term)

Purchase the equipment designated by customers
Provide low-price leases
Possibility of terminating the contract with fewer rentals

This covers the fund requirements of the operating lease/corresponding long-term demand (long-term project) equipment investment and, in principle, is suitable for customers requiring leases of two years or more. In principle, the lease period is 24-36 months and can be extended or terminated halfway through to effectively prevent equipment from becoming obsolete or idle while making an off-balance sheet record, apportion cost and reduce total costs.

Installment Sales

Change to customer equity after signing the contract
Issue a value added tax invoice (which can be used to deduct value added tax)

Leasing Assets (second-hand) Sales

Second-hand goods sales: sell second equipment and products at the most favorable prices so that you can realize the most affordable procurement at the lowest price.

Asset Acquisition/Disposal of Idle Equipment

Import and Export Clearance



  Service Advantages

    Help you respond to economic growth and production peaks
    Reduce initial import costs to ensure enterprise cash flow
    Respond to the changes of the commercial environment and avoid potential risks in the future
    Improve production efficiency to effectively increase productivity and profit
    Change the lease contract at any time for a flexible leasing period

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