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The Succession of Extraordinary Periods and Outstanding Performances over the Pa


The Succession of Extraordinary Periods and Outstanding Performances over the Past Half Century

Tremendous changes have taken place rapidly over the past fifty years. After all these extraordinary periods, we welcome the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of ORIX. When we open the book of ORIX's development history, what we see is not only the span of its history, but the breadth; what we feel is not only the warmth of words, but the warmth of hearts. This brings us both a journey through time and a retrospective celebration of the glory of our historical course for the 50th founding anniversary.

Taking Advantage of Growing up in Chaos and Laying the Foundation of Pioneering Trends
Turning the historical wheel to the time of the 1960s and early 1970s, we find a period of constant economic growth and a conductive environment for economic prosperity. This was the time in which ORIX introduced 'lease', a new brand financial tool in Japan and the pioneering concepton whichthe foundation of the ORIX Corporation's development was laid. Following this, Japan’s economy suffered two Global Oil Shocks while ORIX, relying on providing diversified products and services, successfully maintained constant growth, began engaging in such new business fields as financing, computer operational leasing, ship leasing etc., and actively explored service fields intended for personal business. ORIX successfully overcame the turbulent times of the Oil Shocks and continued moving towards diversification and internationalization. In 1970, six years after its establishment, the ORIX Corporation was listed in the Osaka Securities Exchange; in 1973, it was listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Moreover, ORIX also started overseas expansion and established local legal persons virtually every year since its first overseas branch opened in Hong Kong in 1971.

Composing a Painstakingly Hardworking History of Innovation and Self-improvement
In the 1980s, the leasing industry was popularized among numerous initiatives and competition became fiercer as a result. ORIX also attempted to expand its overseas business. To keep up with the trends of the time, the current Senior Chairman Yoshihiko Miyauchi proposed the operational strategy of 'Strengthening Group Operations' in order to provide clients with diversified products and services; today, it is still one of the fundamental strategies guiding ORIX in its continuous development. Following this period, ORIX quickly diversified its businesses to include loans, initiative investment, short-term automobile rental and aircraft leasing. In the late 1990s, the ORIX Corporation’s course was still consistently expanding. Aside from the life insurance and relevant real estate businesses, ORIX also put forward its non-recourse loan and investment banking businesses during this period. Through providing unique products and services, ORIX constantly expanded into new fields. In 1998, the Corporation was successfully listed in the New York Stock Exchange.

A New Starting Point to Continue its Glory in the Next 50 Years
In the 21st century, ORIX began bilateral development in several fields. A solid revenue increase mode was constructed through bilateral development both at home and abroad in the business of corporate legal persons and individuals, and for the profit of assets and commission charges. In particular, the leaping growth of the investment banking business significantly promoted an overall improvement in ORIX’s performance. At the same time, ORIX actively participated in the reestablishment and regeneration of a large corporation, improved a practical service system aimed at the realization of a low-carbon society and expanded its operational business in real estate. It currently operates a wide variety of business.
ORIX undertook its overseas expansion by re-challenging China andestablishing branches in Tianjin, Shanghai and other places, most importantly establishing its Chinese Headquarters in Dalian in 2009. Owing to the 'unique' service that results from its diversified businesses, ORIX has constantly been the first choice for a wide range of clients.
In response to the unprecedented financial crisis of 2007, ORIX took such measures as 'Strengthening the Performance of the Corporation' and 'Restructuring its Own Businesses'. As a result, the Corporation maintainedsteady performance growth while leading domestic and overseas financial institutions suffered deeply from financial deficit. The future development strategy determined by ORIX has two parts: to accelerate the pace of 'Finance + Services' and to dedicate itself to the exploration of emerging markets in Asia and elsewhere with the expectation of achieving higher growth.

In retrospect of the times of hardship since its founding and looking to the promising future, the past 50 years not only represents an important milestone in ORIX’s history but also a new starting point from which to continue composing its glory. With its diversified and international strategic market patterns and under the strenuous efforts of its unswerving staff, the ORIX of the future is guaranteed to be an industrial leader of the highest competence and furthest-reaching influence contributing to the common growth of its businesses.