ORIX's Brand

ORIX's Brand

Think through a problem to provide an answer that matches our clients' needs

At ORIX Group, certain things are naturally inherited, regardless of the passage of time or personnel changes. One of these unchangeable factors is our approach to “breakthroughs.” It is our innate approach to think through a problem to provide an answer that matches our clients' needs. We share this approach with all customers, and it is manifested in our ORIX's Brand, “Answers, Custom Fit.”

Brand Story

Bringing our society " alive"

Learn about what it is that drives us to continue the challenge.

At ORIX we're helping create a vibrant society by giving new energy to the economy and people's lives.


We're working to understand our customers as deeply as possible so we can assist them with all of their needs and challenges in life, and in doing so build truly reliable relationships.


We aspire to be a source of discovery and joy by working closely with specialists from many different fields and offering ideas from a unique perspective.


Every day we're dedicated to providing the best service and most thorough attention so that we'II always be the top choice for our customers.

ALIVE Circle

The design of the “ALIVE Circle” represents ORIX’s spirit as a company that provides vitality to society, which is described in detail in the brand story.


The symbol is based on the letter “O” in ORIX.

It represents a cycle of energy that transitions from blue to red, whose starting point is marked by a diagonal line with an angle derived from the ORIX Group logo “Signature.”

The “ALIVE Circle” expresses how ORIX Group creates a positive cycle of vitality through connecting various components of society such as its people and the economy.

Origin of ORIX

Origin of ORIX

The name "ORIX" stems from a combination of the word "ORIGINAL" signifying creativity, and "X (or infinity)" representing flexibility and diversity. The name signifies our pioneering pursuit of innovation and organic unity of the Group.


The multiple lines that run diagonally symbolize our group companies, united for a single goal and leaping forward into the future. The sphere on the line represents a globe, signifying a global expansion of the Group.