Vision in China

ORIX, through the effective use and integration of the three tools of finance + industry + investment
Achievement of becoming a super linker of economic and industrial cooperation between China and Japan

Focus on the market potential of the Greater China region.    

Introducing the ORIX Finance + Industry + Investment model, empowering companies while investing and grafting Chinese companies with overseas global resources."


With well connected government relations

With nearly 40 years of experience in China, we have built up excellent relationships with major provincial and municipal governments, from state-owned enterprises to leading private companies in various industries.

As the most active Japanese company investing in China, it has a track record of investment in multiple sectors and structural design solutions.


With a global network, spread across multiple industries

Over 30,000 employees, with a wide range of operations in both financial and non-financial sectors and over millions of customers.

Orix Group is one of the most active investors worldwide, and most prominently in Japan. The company has a multi-disciplinary investment portfolio.