Business Segment In China

Operating in China

  • For personal financial services

    Mainly in Hong Kong for time deposits, ship loans, insurance agency services, building mortgages, etc.

  • Finance/Operating Leasing Services

    One-stop service for the provision of finance leasing and operating leasing of various equipment in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

  • Car Rental/Leasing

    Mainland Region
    With professional products and perfect services to meet the needs of individual and corporate customers in the passenger car and commercial vehicle sectors, we introduce differentiated products and services and are committed to providing customers with a one-stop financing experience.

    Hong Kong
    By solving customers' financial needs for purchasing various types of cars, we provide flexible car leasing services with simple and quick application procedures

    Taiwan region
    For long and short-term car rental and business car needs of various types of enterprises mainly provide corporate long term rental, personal long term rental, short-term car rental, with driving services and other services"

  • Corporate Financial Services

    We provide a wide range of corporate financial services according to customer needs, mainly industrial and commercial property mortgages, accounts receivable financing, asset management, etc

Investment in China

Equity Investment

ORIX Asia Capital is an institutional investor focused on the market potential of the Greater China region. We invest in sectors including, but not limited to, environmental, advanced manufacturing, consumer goods, finance, infrastructure and telecoms media technology.