Since its founding in 1964 as a leasing company

Since its founding in 1964 as a leasing company, ORIX has expanded its operations to neighboring domains backed by the accumulated expertise. ORIX will continue to anticipate market trends in the ever-changing social and business climate. Through provision of innovative financial services at a global scale, we cultivate new businesses and opportunities for investment, thereby contributing to society.

Leveraging From the Known

Our knowledge in finance is the basis of all of our activities. Our perspectives in finance inform our decisions in Operation and Investment. We analyze all of our business portfolios from a finance and credit-decisions perspective, and believe this to be our unique strength.

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Our People

Can-do attitude

We strive to meet the diverse needs of our customers and win their trust through constant provision of high-quality services.
At ORIX, certain values are naturally inherited despite the passage of time and changing personnel. One such value is our can-do attitude. We make ceaseless efforts to providing none other than the best answer to each of our customers.

Interdepartmental collaboration

We organize horizontal collaboration between individuals specializing in a diverse range of fields. Through this collaboration, we nurture the skills of both the group and the members involved. Teamwork is particularly useful when we must take on new challenges and new business opportunities, where collaboration among relevant departments is essential.

Always Anticipating One Generation Ahead Half a Century of Experience The Expertise of over 30,000 Leveraging the Local Knowledge of around 30 Countries and Regions Unlimited Fount of ideas Covering More Than 16 Business Units