According to the List of Global Brand Listed Companies, ORIX Has Consecutively Ranked in the Top Companies in Asia for Three Years

Published On:2015-03-31

Forbes, as the most internationally influential and authoritative magazine in the USA, have published the Forbes Global Ranking attracting attention from global enterprises and the media. Chosen enterprises all come from different countries and regions, with the four indicators of enterprise sales volume, profits, assets and market value being comprehensively examined and weighed up in the list to annually appraise and elect the most powerful companies in the world. Throughout the annual rankings in recent years, ORIX Corporation has already emerged as a strong corporation in a steadily rising state of development.

As a global leading enterprise in Asia, ORIX Corporation has achieved impressive business performances in global economic integration via its internationalized strategic platforms, diversified business fields, integrated resource advantages, etc. The corporation ranked 469th in 2012 and 416th in 2013 in the Forbes Global Top 2,000 Enterprises, a steady increase of 53 places.

In the Forbes Global Top 500 Enterprises in 2014, ORIX rose again to 387th, moving ahead of such well-known Japanese enterprises as the Komatsu Company, ranked 410th, Fuji Heavy Industries, ranked 419th, Suzuki Motor, ranked 436th, Daiwa Securities, ranked 446th, Tokyo Electric Power, ranked 460th, the AEON Group, ranked 476th, and other established companies. Moreover, this put them above other well-known international companies such as Tencent, ranked 426th, and Amazon, ranked 452nd.

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