ORIX Asia Limited Releases New Preferential Fixed Time Deposits of Hong Kong Dollars

Published On:2022-03-01

In March 2015, ORIX Asia Limited declared the release of new preferential fixed deposits of Hong Kong dollars and stated that existing customers could enjoy a preferential annual interest rate as long as they opened a fixed deposit account with brand-new funds:

-One-month fixed deposit: annual interest rates as high as 0.50%.
- Three to 12 months fixed deposit: annual interest rates as high as 1.15%.
(The abovementioned preferential annual interest rates for fixed deposit can be adjusted by the bank at any time.)

***For the bank's latest daily annual interest rates, please refer to the following:***

How to apply
Please contact our client specialist on (852)28629140 or send an e-mail to deposit@orix.com.hk