Group Business

  • Financial Services Through Overseas Group Companies

    While firmly maintaining the basic principle for overseas business of "Localization and Partnership”,"overseas group companies that are well versed in the commercial practices, laws, and regulations in each country provide various financial services to local businesses and Japanese companies. They cover a wide spectrum of needs that include machine and equipment leasing, automobile leasing, installment, loans and rental, as well as providing finance when customers sell their products overseas.
    Additional functions include providing market research, assisting plan for business strategies, and other consulting services, thereby providing effective support to customers seeking to enter international markets.

  • Business Development, Investment and with Business Partners Overseas

    ORIX conducts business development and investment operations that make use of our diverse networks,mainly focusing on emerging countries such as those in Asia. In addition, in Europe and the U.S., we are involved in corporate finance, investment in marketable securities, M&A, advisory, servicing,and asset management-all fields where we provide various products and services that capitalize on a high level of expertise.

  • Aircraft and Ship Investment

    ORIX provides aircraft operating leases to airline companies around the world. Using the experience and knowledge that we have accumulated over more than 20 years, we provide a range of aircraft-lease investment services to customers who are interested in aircraft investment, from contract procedures through to management during the contract, and divestment activities.
    We also have bulk carriers that transport grain, coal, iron ore and other cargoes, which we use to operate a ship investment business for chartering ships to ocean transport companies in and out of Japan.