Group Business

  • Finance

    (leases, installments, payment consignment, loans)

    ORIX offers services to support corporate customers’ capital expenditure, from assets such as ICT equipment, store equipment, and machinery through to software and construction expenses. We also provide funding tailored to customers’ needs, such as loans for purchasing rental real estate properties and for conducting M&A.

  • Asset-based Lending in Partnerships with Financial Institutions

    ORIX is expanding financial services that capitalize on its expertise in credit and collateral valuation know-how through business partnerships with financial institutions across Japan in the areas of guarantees for asset-based lending and unsecured loans.

  • Rental, Sales and Other Services

    ORIX’s lineup of rental equipment numbers over 2.2 million units spanning over 34,000 types of equipment, including measurement equipment, scientific and environmental analysis equipment, ICT equipment, and medical equipment. ORIX rents this equipment with flexible rental periods depending on the way the equipment is used. ORIX also utilizes the technical skill it has developed through the sale and rental of various kinds of equipment to offer engineering services including calibration, measurement, and contract testing, thereby providing optimal overall support for corporate assets.

  • B2B Transaction Solutions

    ORIX provides a range of payment settlement services for customers and their business partners such as reducing promissory notes, sales collection services for commercial stores, or factoring of accounts receivables.

  • Life Insurance

    Non-life Insurance and Corporate Pension Consultation Services

    Management faces a range of risk management issues including business security in the event of an emergency, executive retirement reserve levels and business succession measures. Management also faces social welfare issues such as setting up and administering a corporate pension system. ORIX proposes the optimum solutions to these issues.

  • Business Investment Solutions

    ORIX's aim is to help its customers develop their business and increase corporate value by providing not only optimum funding for customers’ medium- and long-term growth, but also hands-on support utilizing the ORIX Group’s expertise and business infrastructure to meet various needs that range from planning and implementing business and management strategies procure and manage funds and hedging risk.