Group Business

  • Concessions

    Concessions are contracts that allow private entities the right to operate public facilities that collect utility charges, such as airports, roads, or water and sewer services, while the facilities remain owned by the public domain. The Japanese government has been promoting concessions in the push towards robust economic activity and strengthening of public finances, and ORIX has been increasing engagement in this field.
    The ORIX Group's first concession entails operations at Kansai International Airport and Osaka International Airport (Itami) in Japan's first full-scale operation of a public airport by a private entity. From April 2018, the venture we have taken over operations at Kobe Airport and focus on the inclusive management of airports in the Kansai area. ORIX is jointly participating with French airport operator VINCI Airports in this endeavor, and both companies strive to make full use of their know-how to operate airports that will impress the world.
    Also from April 2018, the ORIX Group implemented a contract for the Hamamatsu City Public Wastewater Treatment Plant in the Seien area. The operating company is Hamamatsu Water Symphony K.K. (HWS), established with the Japanese subsidiary of the French company Veolia at its core.

  • Agriculture

    ORIX is partnering with businesses throughout Japan and developing vegetable production projects.
    We aim to sell products with "four fixed factors" (fixed price, fixed quality, fixed timing, and fixed quantities), utilizing technologies, which include environmental control of factors such as temperature, humidity, CO2, and light as well as hydroponics.
    The vegetables are sold in stable supply to retailers and food service industry clients, mainly in the Greater Tokyo, Chubu, and Kansai areas, by leveraging the ORIX Group's sales network.
    Through ORIX Food Supply Corporation, the ORIX Group engages in the purchase and sale of fruit and vegetables produced by affiliates, in addition to the vegetables produced by our company. To expand our sales network, we have entered into a capital tie-up with Farmind Corporation, which is building a distribution network for produce across Japan.