Group Business

  • Automobile Leasing and Management Services

    ORIX operates over 1.6million vehicles under management. The Group offers optimal services in combination with vehicle leases to meet customers’ increasingly specialized and sophisticated needs.

  • Car Rental

    ORIX manages the second largest fleet of rental cars in the industry in Japan, with over 67,000 cars at about 1,000 locations nationwide. The fleet includes a wide range of vehicles from different manufacturers, ranging from compact cars, to luxury imported cars and trucks. ORIX is also introducing hybrid cars and electric vehicles to develop services that are environmentally friendly.

  • Car Sharing

    Car sharing allows sharing of multiple vehicles between many people. The service can be used from minimum of 30-minute and extended by 15-minnute intervals whenever it is needed, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In comparison to customers owning their own company cars, using this service allows customers to not only reduce vehicle purchase costs but also expenses such as parking fees, vehicle maintenance costs, insurance premium and costs of fuels, as well as vehicle management-related administrative work.

  • U-car (Used Car) Lease and Sales

    To enable customers to make use of used cars more readily and with greater confidence, ORIX offers a "One Price Used Car Lease," that allows customers a choice of fixed pricing plans for each product and category. In addition, ORIX sells cars that have been used in leasing or rental services, along with customers’ used cars, to corporate and individual buyers at its own auction grounds at 9 locations(including satellite sites) throughout Japan. Among these, used cars that meet ORIX’s own proprietary quality standards are sold as "ORIX Certified Used Cars."